“My kid could make that”

Art is a subjective experience for everyone. I want to write about the comment in the subject.

I hear similar conversations a lot when people are looking at art that they don’t appreciate or don’t understand. Especially with abstract art.
“My 5 year old could do that.”
“I could pee on the snow and make better art than this.”
“My dog can paint better than that.”

Could you do better? Then why don’t you? The fact that you didn’t do it, you didn’t even come up with the idea, is proof that you couldn’t. Because if you had, you would have. End of story.

This reminds me of a story. I was teaching my son how to draw a butterfly with simple helping lines that would make it easy to develop the final shape. He watched what I was doing, then he announced that he understood and asked me to watch how he would do it. He used the guidelines I taught him but he drew the butterfly with a twist. It was his own rendition of a butterfly but butterfly it was.
So don’t get me wrong, some very nice art can come out of children’s hands. But unless your 5 year old makes any kind of art that resembles anything like what you are critiquing, please don’t announce that your 5 year old could do that. You can have your opinion but express it with more tact and flair. Trust me, you will sound better than a buffoon.

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My name is Andrea. I am a homeschooling mom of 2 children. I have enjoyed teaching them since they were born. I follow their interests, allowing them to learn what interest them most. I self taught myself drawing and painting techniques, I have been drawing since I was 5 years old and I have been painting for 15 years. I have had great teachers to learn painting techniques from. My favourite watercolour teacher was Moira Clark from Toronto. I have also taken a diploma art course at Startford Career Institute - under the guiding wings of Linda Drewry - to further my skills in several other media, such as acrylic, pastel, oil, charcoal, pencil and watercolour. I love all other handcraft techniques. I have been knitting and crocheting since I was a child. I learned basic crocheting from my mother when I was 7 years old. Once I could read I taught myself more stitches and experimented with patterns. I learned knitting in school when I was 13 years old. I learned to sew when I was 18. My hobby is scrap booking which I started when my babies were born. My kids inspire me to be the best person and teacher I can be while we develop their art. Our house is decorated with their art work.

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