Art Course Outline


Introduction to Art and Drawing

• Survey of Famous Artists

• The Artist’s Eye

• The Elements of Design

• Preparing to Draw

• Drawing Class

• The Clinic

Painting with Pastels

• What You’ll Need to Begin

• Composition and Color

• Putting Pastel to Paper

• Painting From Photographs

• Painting From Life

• When is Your Painting Finished?

Watercolor Painting

• Basic Watercolor Tools and Materials

• Types of Watercolor Pigments

• Dark Staining, Light Staining, and Non-staining Colors.

• Dominance and Staining Dominance.

• Rules for Reflections

• Fundamental Concepts of Composition and Design

• Wet-and-Blot Lifting, Edge Blending and Back Runs

• Application of Various Watercolor Techniques

• Glazing and Lifting

• Creating Negative Shapes

• Charged Washes

• Use of Palette Knives and Brush Handles.

• Produce Complete Watercolor Paintings

Acrylic Painting

• Textural Techniques Enhance Traditional Painting

• Brilliant Design with Flat Opaque Colors

• Ultrarealism: Acrylic as Transparent Watercolor

• Pulsating Color with Buttery Impasto Strokes

• Careful Planning Produces Lively Results

• Build Luminosity with Multiple Thin Glazes

• Unlock the Imagination with Experimental Techniques

Oil Painting

• Getting Your Supplies Together

• Capturing the Illusion of Three Dimensions

• Making Your Brush Behave

• Getting the Colors You Want

• Putting It All Together

• Creating a Still Life Painting

• Creating a Landscape Painting

• Creating a Portrait Painting

About aszabo110

My name is Andrea. I am a homeschooling mom of 2 children. I have enjoyed teaching them since they were born. I follow their interests, allowing them to learn what interest them most. I self taught myself drawing and painting techniques, I have been drawing since I was 5 years old and I have been painting for 15 years. I have had great teachers to learn painting techniques from. My favourite watercolour teacher was Moira Clark from Toronto. I have also taken a diploma art course at Startford Career Institute - under the guiding wings of Linda Drewry - to further my skills in several other media, such as acrylic, pastel, oil, charcoal, pencil and watercolour. I love all other handcraft techniques. I have been knitting and crocheting since I was a child. I learned basic crocheting from my mother when I was 7 years old. Once I could read I taught myself more stitches and experimented with patterns. I learned knitting in school when I was 13 years old. I learned to sew when I was 18. My hobby is scrap booking which I started when my babies were born. My kids inspire me to be the best person and teacher I can be while we develop their art. Our house is decorated with their art work.

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